Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rome-Cagliari 2-1, goal, video youtube summary and highlights

Rome-Cagliari 2-1. The Chronicle and the youtube video of the match. 2002: defeated Luis Enrique is the bench? First day of the Serie A by forgetting to Totti.

Roma Cagliari (youtube videos, summary and highlights at the bottom of the page) ends with the ’ unexpected result of 1-2. The Sardinians, razing the Olympic ’ in the first real day of Serie A and sink the giallorossi into a crisis really incredible. After de-listing ’ ’ Europa League and contrasts with captain Francesco Totti, re di Roma, Luis Enrique is already the bench? Great emotions, despite everything, all Olympic ’. The team of Ficcadenti mass well in camp and takes full advantage of all opportunities. Less in the form of the Spanish team coach ’. ’ and, ultimately, a veritable debacle.
But we go to the Chronicle of the match. At the bottom of the page you can review the emotions of Rome-Cagliari: youtube video, a brief summary and the main actions of the match played this afternoon in the capital. In the first time the pi form seem to own the new signings Osvaldo and PjaniƄ‡ trying to surprise, without success, the goalkeeper. But the 44 minute Cagliari to tap the advantage with a shot that you cross Biondini crossbar: Olympic speechless.

In the second half will see the giallorossi Captain Totti but do not seem to be very reactive. So ’ at 23 minute after a defensive svarione causing a penalty against the Roman Accounts to take advantage the Sardinians (goal in the video at the bottom of the page). The 25 minute the turning point of the match: Jos Angel makes a bad foul on the bottom line and was expelled. Giallorossi in 10 for at least 20 minutes of the game. Everything happens in the final. The Sardinians doubled with El Kabir. The Rome shortens distances with De Rossi in full recovery. Nothing to do, then, for the giallorossi before the home crowd. It is hard even for Totti, almost inconclusive today. The hope that the team can catch up already in the next day.

Here's the youtube video: Rome-Cagliari 1-2 (all goals).

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