Friday, September 23, 2011

Men and women advances: pairs Bet today

By men and women advances we find that today will broadcast the episode of couples. All the characters who animated the last edition of men and women will be present in the studio. Couples and couples say their exploded on their emotional state.

We are the first week of the return of both men and women. After the first few episodes a disappointing, dedicated to the throne over, yesterday we remade the eyes with the four aspirants who have revived definitely tronisti transmission. One wonders now quand ’ that go aired on throne rosa, this surely will happen today. We were accustomed to strong uncertainties regarding the advances for women and men, but now it seems that the editors wanted to budge. On the official website of the program showed that this ’ today andr finally aired the episode of couples.

And ’ was in fact the first recording of the new season of men and women, with the return to the studio of pairs of the past year and some little surprise, as the presence of Monica Pisano and Nicola Foderaro that announced the arrival of their eldest son ’. This time then the men and women advances appear to be successful, but never say never. We will review this ’ today in the studio Leonardo Greco and Diletta Pagliano, a couple who now seems to be permanently called goodbye, but at the time of recording this episode of couples was still happily engaged. You will then see if there will be some indication that avr brought then to breakage. C ’ was in fact the fear that this fateful Episode pairs could not actually go on the air, but apparently not sar cos.

Not obviously present only Leonardo and Delights, but there will be also Giulia Montanarini, Alexios I Step, Marco Meloni, Ludovica Chieffo, Claudia Borroni, Samuel Nardi, in short all tronisti and suitors who animated the last season of men and women. Take a deep breath and then to an episode full of screams and litigate, not said also that it is only one day at a dedicated Episode of couples, the clashes, according to the men and women advances, can be protracted for a p.

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