Saturday, September 10, 2011

Show race between Milan and Lazio, 2 2 –

The Championship starts with a spectacular race that sees AC Milan and Lazio match 2-2.
Spectacular race between Milan and Lazio, who could not start a League in a better way.Lazio, ahead of two goals, is reached by dItalia with Cassano set the result on 2 2. Draw right, characterized by at least 20 minutes of great game by Lazio, a little down in the second part dellincontro, who managed to put seriously in trouble Milan cha has been rimetter in equal a meeting that was started in the worst ways.
Just mark Klose and Ciss, which both a Abbiati, the first after just 12 minutes of play, complicit with Nesta a dazed by the two attackers of Reja, and Milan is under 2 goals after just 21 minutes of play.We had seen just Lotito when has chosen the two forwards to reinforce his Lazio and they scored the first two goals of the season for the team in 2007รข€"08.

But after 2 to 0 immediately so unexpectedly, Milan is there, and despite having lost Gattuso downed by Nesta in hobbling just on the occasion of the second goal, defers to grind game and thanks allasse Cassano, Ibra, the first builds and according to mark, manages to reopen l'incontro taking on 2 – 1. draw instead is signed from Juventus, head, as saying that, given its stature that certainly not gigantic. You must be at rest in equal.In the second half, Lazio almost disappears from the field, but still has the sufficient strength to fight to the end and to bring home a result certainly of prestige and morale, much more than they did for boys Cheerful.

The departure of Milan has stunted a little scored the game and then the result for the rossoneri, while Lazio should reflect for having thrown a gluttonous occasion nettle. But the heat, which is made to feel and not yet optimal, have weighed on the provision of both teams.Limportante was started and, at least for the spectators, was a beautiful game.

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