Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Cucinotta godmother for the prevention of breast cancer

Maria Grazia Cucinotta godmother of exception for the Race for the Cure discusses his relationship with the breast.The charity Marathon Race for the Cure takes place in Rome from the Terme di Caracalla, to support research on breast cancer. In an interview published in the newspaper OK health, Cucinotta confesses and speaks of the cha has with his body and cancer prevention.
Unfortunately, the only weapon truly effective prevention against any type of cancer. Even cancer wing within the same rule applies. The campaign seeks to exploit known faces in order to succeed. IOC to understand at all how important it is to run the controls. And Maria Grazia Cucinotta is expressed with tenderness and determination to understand better the concept.

These the words of the beautiful actress: I support this for ten years, I started while I was still pregnant with my daughter. Since then I too will put me in with regularity and mammography, pap test every year. From breast specialist will go there every three to six months. And I say to all women: you have courage, always check. An examination saves lives. The Cucinotta search cos to amplify the awareness campaign.

Dallutile the futile, the conversation goes sullestetica: what does to fight the signs of decay of its famous decolt? Calling for the journalist. And Mary Grace responds: I have a secret: I sleep with a bra. Cos does not allow the seriousness of the Act. A little trick that probably many of us are happy to know. But we continue to steal ideas of beauty With a cos abundant is not afraid of stretch marks? As a young girl I was terrified by the striations, today. To all women for Council lolio almond, a true miracle of nature. Lho used in pregnancy and the results I've seen them with my eyes little secrets that make it seem much more earthly lattrice.

But the proven beauty nostrana continues

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