Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis saved by televoting

Elisabetta Canalis still in play to "Dancing with the stars. saved by tele-voting after arriving last to the first episode. Thanks Elizabeth and promises sparks.
The Canalis EC lha. The audience of Dancing with the Stars on the wants and lha dalleliminazione saved the televoting. The first episode of the American program was not a great success for the local Elizabeth after an unlikely cha cha cha, has threatened to quit prematurely by the program. The Canalis he justified by saying that lemozione lha overwhelmed. In addition, during the tests, had a minor accident in the shoulder, already weakened by a congenital problem. Not just aware of televoting, Elizabeth dellesito thanked the American public, promising to repay their trust with maximum commitment. The performance of Canalis was choreographed on pop music's ‘ Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. A choreography that lironia aroused a judge. Elizabeth and her partner/dance teacher Valentin Chmerkovski, rising from bed after a long night damore and danced in pairs or together. Comment of witty judge was: Eri pi brava between the sheets. In short, everything unless a bellesordio for the former velina. Yet she was dressed in a sexy, beautiful in his skin-tight suit. And we also exchanged a kiss with the dancer, to make the choreography more truthful. Hopefully you admit and begin to dance in decent manner. At least to recover from the loss of his love life, George Clooney who is consoling gi with a new flame. After a brief spell in Italy, lha view posing nude for a calendar for unification authority trade shows animal protection, Elizabeth back in the United States to continue his career. And participate in the program Dancing with the stars. Unfortunately for now seems like a great choice. But the audience loves him demonstrated the televoting. Then, Elizabeth, get busy, that we, here, let's cheer for you.

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