Friday, September 16, 2011

From the Tokyo Game Show get PS Life

Presented in Tokyo the new Play Station life. Innovative and fun. Sar in Japanese market from 17 December

Started the Game Show in Tokyo, the exhibition dedicated to the digital world. The undisputed Star of the event, the new PlayStation Portable Play Station life. The perfect gift for Christmas, tant that will be put on sale starting from 17 December. The PlayStation Life promises really well. Innovations are mushrooming in this new challenge of Sony and the first to jump allocchio editing screen. The new Play Station avr a 5 inch OLED type with Multitouch technology. Also arriver markets with 2 joysticks and dual camcorder. But also the double touch pad, front and back.

The Sony Group confident. President Kazuo Hirai explains firm convictions about the new console, stating that the PlayStation Life the first product that able to blur the border between reality and interactive entertainment. In the console Life c also another news. A social networing Near call, which lets you play with others Vitas near. The console, as we said, entrer in Japanese market from 17 December. Get together with 26 games, but with the promise of Sony of a catalog of over 100 titles by the end of the year. But how much it will cost this wonder dellelettronica? Version 3 g and Wi-Fi will cost $ 299. The simple version with just Wi-Fi will go around $ 249.

From met October sar can make orders in Japan, to be sure of being able to hoard the new Play Station life. The first version will be in only one color, Crystal Black. We bet for that soon there will come a wide range. Among the news that will not be available immediately version with Sim Card with several hours of prepaid traffic. We have to wait even in Europe, to try it for yourself.

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