Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mediaset vs Yahoo!. The victory in Cologno monzese

Mediaset wins lawsuit against Yahoo!. The portal will have to compensate the Group Mediaset with 250 euro for each day spent by each video on the site. The figure will be awesome.

Mediaset wins lawsuit against Yahoo!. The Court of Milan ruled that Yahoo! Group Must pay for violating the copyright of the Mediaset Group. Web, Yahoo, the company had made available on its main site, some videos belonging to Mediaset, without authorization. For Yahoo! Conviction and fine. A rather fine salt will be calculated on the basis of 250 euro for each day spent by video accused on Yahoo!Video.

Technicians of Yahoo! Will have to deal with the removal of the video portal, regardless of whether they have uploaded them or not. In fact, the video may have been uploaded to the site by third parties that are subscribers to the service. And Yahoo! Responsible for the content of the site, must be remedied in first person. We still do not know anything about sullammontare of compensation. Will be confirmed definitively with figures in hand, on 18 October. Most likely it will be a huge compensation.

Mediaset said the first sentence with satisfaction. At the bottom, as they say, and rightly so, a sentence like this paves the way to all authors and publishers as they strive to always create new and original content. In fact not been done other than to establish the direct responsibility of the provider in case of unauthorized dissemination of any content type. Whether it took place in the world of the web many expect? Remember the procedures initiated by the Court of Rome against You Tube and Milan from Italy online. Although looking good cases are a little different: Youtube and Yahoo! Have different mode of publication. Mediaset and his legal representatives are in order to find a bridge between the two events. We'll see. Sure that we are for the quality and lunicit.

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