Saturday, September 24, 2011

Claudio Ranieri, the adjuster

Claudio Ranieri's debut on Inter's bench against Cesena, an opponent is not easy. The new coach of the nerazzurri convinced to revive the team.
Claudio Ranieri, laggiustatore, luomo just to put things allInter. But, if we want to be honest, genuine and serious faults good Gasperini has none. Had arrived at the Court of Moratti believes that, as often said, was for him a point of arrival. But as they passed the days during the period of England, probably had begun to realize that it was just a lInter crossroads, a short stage of his career as a coach, and nothing more.
And, eventually, his feeling is proven right. His only fault was that of not adapting to the men he had available, considering that those that were used for fielding the team that was in his thoughts, but not had data. Great little fault which cost lesonero.In fact, in football, if things don't go right, mica may exempt players and even less the leadership that, in most situations, the most responsible of the disappointing results of the team.

But this is now the past. The future is called Ranieri and he, laggiustatore, prover to put things right.Let's say that the first game that will have to face prohibitive ones, although the Bologna went to equalize for 1-1 in Turin with la Juve, but a positive result will be important, why give the signal of change to the team and the environment, and this also allows allInter to deal with the most trusted the Russian lattende away after only 4 days. And then to São Paulo, against Napoli, which will reduce anchegli by internal Champions match with Villareal.

A beginning of all rest for Ranieri, not what to say. But the good Claudio man of experience and charisma, and will find the right solutions.

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