Friday, September 16, 2011

Tbc: Policlinico Gemelli is safe. It says the ’ ISS

According to the National Institute of Health the Agostino Gemelli university polyclinic. In Italy the 10% of the population is positive TB test. And 3 nurses neonatology today are positive.

The Agostino Gemelli university polyclinic. Since you knew last July 26 that linfermiera of Neonatology was the test-positive carcase of TB, the hospital began to put in place all necessary measures to avoid any kind of contamination. Reporting to the Director of the Department of infectious diseases, Higher Institute of Health, during the press conference. Lallarmismo it seems, according to the directors of the hospital, really exaggerated. And argue with scientific data. The doctors explain that positive TB test means only be met with a micro-gene disease does not mean that patients, the disease esploder. Also in Italy, a country where TB is completely eradicated, about 10% of the population is positive epidermic. Without this may be a danger to others.

Then quite plausible that there have been positive cases, without any need that you have contracted the germ inside the micro Polyclinic. Excuses don't make a crease. Surely, since been diagnosed with the disease at the first nurse, there are many cases positive results epidermic. Finally, cool of the day, to 3 employees of the Hospital. Nurses for accuracy. And working in the Department of Neonatology, in close contact with infected linfermiera. Among others there are also a MOM and her child and a child born in 2010, excluding from a first control because inconsistent with the facts. The story begins to take a bad turn. For now there are two complaints against the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic, a collective headed by Codacons and a penalty, made privately by the family of the mother-child pair carcass. We'll see, we hope that the matter will be resolved to the IP soon.

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