Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Milly Carlucci against D ’ Urso: “ Says lies! ”

Not pacify the wrath of Milly Carlucci against Barbara D'urso. After the judgment of the Court, forbidding the airing of Baila!, playing the same transmission and this has done nothing but enrage even more the Carlucci, increasingly convinced that D'urso tell only lies.

It pacifies the ’ lazy dog of Milly Carlucci against D ’ Urso. The presenter of dancing with the stars literally inviperita after learning that Baila! the same went on the air despite the judgment of the Court had banned him. Just two days ago, when the broadcast of D ’ Urso was to begin, the Court's ban on airing of Baila! In short, the battle seemed to have won its Milly Carlucci, who from the beginning of the ’ summer ’ is fighting to preserve the originality of his ’ dancing with the stars. Nothing to do, the caparbiet Barbara D Urso's ’ did his Baila! was the same.

A cheap shot that Carlucci failed to digest and yesterday afternoon he underexposed in the living room of Mara Venier: “ Not so that you do. Not that if the Court tells me not to go on the air, I'm going to wave the same arguing that I'm doing a different thing. I can demonstrate how this program Mexican, born six months after our, is identical. There are clips of the contestants, performances, the votes. Even the two marks are visibly similar. Not just change the ending. I think you should not use the tv to tell lies. You may not submit ten dancers who made all kinds of races and saying: a farmer, or an employee, by failing to add that this is a sample of the dance. fake, a nasty way of telling lies, I am sorry for the television ethics. If you go on tv and say something not true you lose credibilit. ”

Milly Carlucci against D ’ Urso, a battle which most likely is still a nice protrarr for p. And ’ is established that the sly Barbarella face lever on the stupidit of those who watch his broadcasts, so that no television and then turns into a victim here is that the game did. Barbara D Urso ’ spoke to viewers reaffirming as it is not right that fathers should be jobless for a stupid judgment of the Court. Mediaset presenter March probably a real ignorance of too much on one side of the TV audience, Baila! remains absolutely a copy of dancing with the stars, as I also state Singing towards Ti lascio una canzone. La Rai star while failing, but the few good ideas were virtually all stolen. Here it comes to plagiarism. Milly Carlucci against D ’ urso and all wrongs!

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