Monday, September 12, 2011

11 September: Obama and Bush together at the ceremony

Obama and Bush at Ground Zero for the 10 anniversary of the tragedy of 11 September. Palpable emotion. New York stops.

Obama and Bush together at Ground Zero. On the occasion of the 10 anniversary of the massacre of September 11 Barack Obama, current President of the United States Damer, and Bush, President allepoca of the facts, you are close in memory of the victims of that terrible attack.
A simple ceremony in the name of emotion marked by countless minutes of silence that bring in memory, the terror of those terrible moments.Visibly moved the Fist Lady Michelle Obama, as lex President George w. Bush and his wife Laura. After the commemoration of the victims made by relatives, many of them children, Obama gave reading of Psalm 46.

Big applause for lex New York Mayor Rudolf Giuliani who distinguished himself in those tragic days, spirit of cooperation and solidarity. Next to him lattuale Mayor Michael Bloomberg. between General emotion, an Italian woman cries a hymn to his daughter lost in the tragedy: Laura “ ti voglio tanto bene, you'll always be in my heart ”, he said.

The town in mourning. All flags are disappearing cymbal arm and the commemoration was broadcast on several Maxi screens around the city. Among the passers-by lemozione palpable. More than one claims to have lived laccaduto with a sense of loss unbridgeable. And fear in the heart. It awakens in this sad anniversary.

Obama has not finished the Ceremony to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where he received thousands of people gathered to commemorate the other aircraft involved nellattentato: United Airlines flight 33, where 44 people died. From Pennsylvania to Washington, at a ceremony at the Pentagon, where 189 people died between 125 and military and civilian passengers of flight 77 64 in ’ American Airlines. In the evening the ’ only official discourse of the President, the Kennedy Center.

We need the American people face a cos terrible tragedy.

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