Thursday, September 22, 2011

Depression: symptoms and treatment

The depression has symptoms that may be of different nature. We need to know in order to treat them. The first symptom certainly apathy.

The depression the new evil of the century. More and more people are suffering from symptoms of depression. Especially with dellautunno and vie for the attention of the scorciarsi of the daylight hours. The depression has symptoms very specific, not to be confused with the natural seasonal malaise. Among the main symptoms of depression there are sleep disturbances, demotivation General against both the work of the normal daily habits, lack of energy, mood on the ground. In short, the depression has symptoms of a different nature, but having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean being depressed. Depression a serious pathology, to keep under control the medium, absolutely should not be underestimated. Symptoms most relevant, in addition of course to feel gi tone, there are also the feeling of being useless and a hidden desire, but not too much of death. Beware also allintestino. It seems that one of the most common symptoms of depression patients, either a sudden intestinal irregolarit, resulting in an increase or decrease in weight. Who really depressed lives a completely helpless, that danimo is also reflected on his facial expression.

Men tend to not give weight to the symptoms of depression. Usually respond to erupt in disease with attitude irritated and nervous. Nervousness can also be caused by intestinal irregolarit. For this the people who have fear of falling into depression should first of all take care dellintestino, taking a probiotic Yoghurt with regularity that helps improve the regularity. It seems a joke, but cos. Of course, when the symptoms of depression are most important, and are accompanied by a sense of complete inutilit, apathy and complete death wish, better turn immediately to a specialist doctor. Women are the most affected. Or maybe they are the most inclined to accept lincorrere of the disease.

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