Sunday, September 11, 2011

Traces of alcohol in the blood of newborns in Italian

Setyte babies on 100 in Italy have traces of alcohol in the blood. This shows the lack of knowledge of the effects that you can have repercussions on children.
Traces of alcohol in a snake, have been found in Italian on infants 7%, which translated into a language even more explicit, it means that Italian women, although you know that you need not drink, so as not to smoke before, during and after pregnancy, underestimate the scope of the possible consequences.
Not only during breastfeeding that baby can assume what MOM eats or drinks, but also and especially during intrauterine life, a life that should be safe and that sometimes comes quietly put at risk with too much light from moms.The data were collected dallIstituto Superior health and presented today by dott.ssa Pichini on the occasion of the first international day on awareness of fetal alcohol syndrome-.

It would seem that this awareness, in our country, has a feedback, you might say, approximately. The percentage shown previously, or 7 percent, infants could also be insignificant because it is a study carried out in a series of city champion, and for this not entirely complete.To detect, in confirmation of this, there are also some significant differences between geographical areas. For example, the neonatal Center of Verona recorded an encouraging 0%, compared to a worrying 29% reported from the Centre of Neonatology of the ’ Umberto I of Rome.

The thing that escapes to mothers who drink too lightweight in gestation period, which this bad habit, though quite rare, can cause serious harm to the unborn child. This does not mean that children up sick, but that could go to behavioural syndromes series, and not only, as for example the iperattivit syndrome and attention deficit which may arise from this condition. In addition, these children, in a few years, could run the risk of neurological problems, brain development problems, significant disability who then, eventually, affect their lives forever.

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