Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tbc: Fazio positive

Health Minister Fazio positive TB. As 20 Italians on 100. And the whole family of a child born to the twins in 2010.

On the case of TB at the Agostino Gemelli university polyclinic in Rome, the Health Minister Ferruccio Fazio. After being subjected to the same test performed at all children involved nellepidemia, Fazio positive result. During the press conference held yesterday in Rome, Fazio explained that 1 on 5 is positive TB test. In fact, the test indicates that the subject came in contact with the virus of TB, which has developed the disease. During the press conference, Funk explained that are made of insights on recent cases of contagion of the twins and will increase communication with families. According to family law Fazio to get reliable information and not conflicting. Especially in this particular case, given that several children are involved. And we give them reason.

Meanwhile increased people tested positive to the test. Of the latter now the news of an entire family to Tbc, mother, father, son and the little house, born in 2010, the twins. A prominent member of the tuberculosis Commission, Giorgio Besozzi, defends the Polyclinic. The doctor says that at the time of the birth of the small linfermiera had just been hired, so it could be contagious. The defenses of the family takes Codacons, actively involved in the affair. Through the words delivered by advocate of Stable, Alessia, Codacons does know that you are already moving towards legally hospital also recently infected family members. Fazio continues to be very sympathetic to the parents of infected children and promises them, and to all Italians, that there will be ever more episodes of this type. In addition, the Minister is personally interesting platform for children in therapy can have all the vitamins needed for free. Fazio also announces a new regulation for the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis.

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