Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cats Markers created with the jellyfish gene against ’ AIDS

Thanks to a particular gene, cats become reflective. To study AIDS.

The transgenic laboratory cats created under a particular fluorescent grow light to witness to be infected by the virus dellHIV. Poeschla, Eric Mayo Clinic in Rochester, in the United States Damer has created transgenic three cats who have the HIV virus inside the feline. Practically the gene that was artificially makes immune cats from dellHIV virus, FIV feline. The genes that were artificially introduced animals, one belonging to a species of monkey, and the other to Rehsus, a race of medusa. His latter gene causes cats, affected by a ultra violet light, shine resulting fluorescent.

The monkey gene was inserted to the real purpose, cio to become immune to cats by the virus, while that of jellyfish is for demonstration purposes. In the sense that you have fluorescent effect only in cats that are actually immune, as a kind of against the test.

Cats and humans share a number of diseases, pi or 250. Do experiments on cats, also help humans. In particular, FVI virus acts in the same way as HIV in humans. In both species, feline and human natural proteins, which are arranged are not able to eradicate the virus. Debellano uil virus and immune instead, Rhesus monkeys. Small stroke of genius: enter dellimmunit genes of the virus in cats, monkeys. And how to do it? The virus was first isolated and inserted in the egg of a cat. The eggs were then fertilized and the first three are born kittens transgenic. Immune to the virus and phosphorescent thanks to gene of medusa. Science makes strides. Puppies that come from these first three kittens should be almost certainly immune. We have to wait.

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