Saturday, September 24, 2011

After the setback with Chievo, Fiorentina

Mazzarri explains why was forced to make certain choices for the match with Chievo. Against the Fiorntina at the San Paolo counts in order to use the same who they played against AC Milan.
The Naples affronter Fiorentina at home after batting darresto with Chievo on away goals. The team of Charles confirmed the Bete Noire of the men of God, although in this case, the Treaty of sheer bad luck. The massive turnover operated by the technician of the azzurri had, until that time, allowed the Neapolitans did not suffer more than occasionally. Sure, they had created large balls, except loccasione on bottom of Santana 's, but the same thing had made the Chievo.
Without the unfortunate mistake of Fideleff, which in addition everything up to that time had resulted in more than good, whereas it was also allesordio in a completely new to him, probably would have closed l'incontro goalless. But you know, football is not an exact, there are too many variables in the game and also a lump of soil raised can cause a deviation.

To whom it reproaches for leaving out too many titolarissimi, although questanno does not like the bench last season and without a doubt most equipped, Mazzarri replica couldn't use some players, otherwise I would have risked not having them for the match with Fiorentina. I when I do the training, I work closely with the preparer Pondrelli, which I always suggest what are the players who could be at risk of injury, if I were to use them. Then, my choices were obliged. In fact, may was listed as one, I had to replace it because it has accused of problemini that hopefully will not have consequences for the next races ”.

“ Fiorentina continues Mazzarri, a very strong team, even if devoid of Gilardino for the known injury, and therefore will be a game in which I hope to be able to use the same men who have played for Milan account. Only doubt Lavezzi. We still don't know if he has recovered completely, but in principle there should be no problems.

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