Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Giovinco, Atom Ant, followed with interest by juve

Sebastian Giovinco Dove team has a chance to play with regularity, and effects are seen. Already three goals in two League games.
Giovinco, Atom Ant, Parma has found a way to get back into the show.The fact that the Dove team talentino Pocket he play with continuity and, you know, talented players if they play with regularity, they can only grow.
And in fact Marotta is carefully following even if for now, interest of Juve, who is part owner of the card by Sebastian Giovinco, stops here. However, if the little striker should maintain a high level, most likely next year, the black-and-white company might seriously consider the possibility to redeem half the card which divides with Parma. Moreover, the player also like accounts. Thank goodness that met our technical juventino says, everything is to see if Parma sar intended to help it.

It will be difficult, since according to Ghirardi, Giovinco also by foreign teams, but the President of Parma seems to strongly bent on not to give the talented player.However, if they could speak again in January, saw that Dove seems to have prompted its leadership and Amauri, so you might as well make an Exchange or a market operation which could in some way satisfy both company.

But at the moment Giovinco is fine where it is, since in Parma plays with regularity. And the positive effects were not made to wait. The player, in fact, jumped to the top of the chart cannoneers, even if in the company of other strikers, with three goals, two of which marked the last League match, and then Dove hardly take some abstain from it, even if in Exchange you get Amauri.

The most likely scenario at the end of the season the President Ghirardi to everything to restrain Giovinco, even at the cost of going to envelopes with Juve, a not insignificant, given the difference of economic availability between the two companies.

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