Monday, September 26, 2011

Milan: here comes the first victory in the League

Milan is the first three points of the season, driven by a Cassano in splendid form. Entry in field of Inzaghi in the final minutes, was another happy note.
Milan comes the first victory in the League, and obtained with a revised training for many injuries, but Cassano who returned to be the best themes of Sóller.Without Pato, avr for a few weeks, Cheerful array from the first minute the baby El Shaarawy alongside Cassano then sar luomo that pi all contributed to the victory against Cesena, over all, was the team's draft view in recent matches.

But with this Milan who wanted to win at all costs, very little wax. The rossoneri manage to find the goal that left Seedorf centra langolino to the left of the goalkeeper. If it was a cross or a shot on goal, nobody knows, although the same Dutch dir then that he pulled. However, it remains the feeling that it was a poorly managed.But this isn't some say that AC Milan has demerited, indeed, has led the game without worries danimo and the only difficulty that has encountered the are coming from Martinez why Taiwo had obvious difficulty, so much so that Merry second preferred to replace it.

The rossoneri may bemoan for knockdown in area of Cassano by Rodriguez, but in the end lepisodio is found to be wholly irrelevant.But who has surprised more than all State Cassano. In addition to delight everyone with valuable assists, often also covered in his area. Obviously the fact of playing with continuity makes good, but this applies to all footballers. If you then also have the quality of Sóller, then no limit as regards performance.The positive note was "in the field, in the final minutes in place of Cassano, Inzaghi, absent from football fields for many months. Merry can now count on a striker in the IP.

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