Friday, September 16, 2011

Reja and Lazio must do less than 40 days for Mauri

Ugly tile for Reja and Lazio. Mauri should stay away from the playing fields for at least forty days because of a bad stretch.
Reja and Lazio must do less than 40 days for Mauri, undoubtedly a nasty tile, which in a sense creates quite a few technical problems here. Mauri fundamental for him. The midfielder suffered a lesion of the second degree of the proximal portion of the rectus femoris left thigh, as reported by dellesame report that is submitted to instrumental during the day. The worst stretch, which held out for at least 40 days Mauri, until derby with Rome.
To try to solve the problem as soon as possible, with muscular lassenso company, midfielder of Reja partir tonight for the specialist rehabilitation centre of Asiago, where after a specific treatment.Who also disappointed by the result of Ciss, the best Cup between Lazio, who hoped to bring home the three points. I'm disappointed, says lattaccante French, because in these games you win them. Now we will go to Lisbon with another mentality, to make the result.

Even more disappointed Reja, that European competition, as well as the prestige, even for an economic issue, since whoever wins the coppa, porter also house a total of 3 million, which are certainly not peanuts.As with AC Milan, says Reja, we were penalized by individual errors. A black-out quarter-dora we took the race, even more than success in Milan. Here we stayed at 10. This tie we must reflect and should serve as a lesson. The reference to Zauri, evident from his mistakes came the two networks of Vaslui.

Go forward in continental competition, means fresh money in the coffers of the company, money coming to pi, as that goes on in the competition. The first 640mila Lazio has already received, as well as all participants in the Europa League. For the rest, you will see.

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