Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oscar 2012, Crialese keeps feet on the Mainland

Nomination to the House for the film by Emanuele Crialese, memory of a past that still recent, real story of sacrifices and human solidarity. The film compete we therefore for the victory of the Academy Awards with four other foreign films.
Sar Oscar for Mainland by Emanuele Crialese? For now we cannot know, sure that the Italian Director has finally earned the nomination-nomination for winning the famous statuette. The category of best foreign film. Happy and dazed the Italian Director received the news after his film has been called the best work available in the United States of America ’. A really fascinating history that has left the film director, known through the Golden door, stupefied by the happiness. Not all arrive at the Oscars.

The race to the most coveted statuette of world cinema began to Emanuele Crialese, who with the Mainland, you deserved the Oscar ’ 2012 nomination for best foreign language film. The film, produced by Cattleya e RaiCinema, in collaboration with Meaning Cinema-Sicily region, a realistic Chronicle of life in Sicily, where fishermen can appreciate pure and true feelings of solidarity and spontaneit. Truly masterful work that critics and audiences touched down at the 68esima Exhibition d ’ Film Festival del Cinema di Venezia. The new film was considered the best to advertise and sell in America, though in Italy the box-office receipts were disappointing:.

Mainland, the 2012 Oscar nominations, one of the most beautiful works by Emanuele Crialese. A film in which the story is addressed mainly through female figures, looking for a different life. The path to the icon of the cinema world long, difficult and tiring. According to the Director a real path to obstacles that must be overcome. Critics of the Academy Awards have a really nice work to do. L ’ last film in the pink of the five possible candidates in the category best foreign language film was La bestia nel cuore by Cristina Comencini, way back in 2006. Italian cinema to a turning point and wants to demonstrate its ability to tell stories with beautiful, true, which are the fruit of lived experience of many honest men who seek to earn, with their efforts, a good place in society.

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