Friday, September 16, 2011

Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi, meeting his daughter Vittoria

Murder Melania Rea, possible exhumation of the corpse. Salvatore Parolisi ask legal evidential incident, he wants to meet her daughter Victoria. The latest news on crime Rea.
Melania Rea, latest news: Salvatore Parolisi wants to see his daughter Victoria, can meet in prison. The Corporal accused of ’ murder of the young woman of Somma Vesuviana launched an appeal that could review, in prison, her daughter Victoria. Contrary to the victim's family that points to the fact that little granddaughter is already very shaken by what happened in these last few months. A visit to his father in prison could cause deep trauma. Better to avoid, so. But the military will not be won and continues to call for a brief encounter in prison.

The latest news on ‘ murder of Melania Rea open new, likely scenarios investigations. The legal defence of Salvatore Parolisi, indeed, have requested the incident ‘ probative. Such a request, according to lawyers of corporal major, would be required to clarify fully the ’ exact time of death of young woman of Somma Vesuviana. The ’ incident evidence could lead to the exhumation of the corpse of the victim. The Gip seeing the request of legal defensive? We'll see.

In the coming days, in addition, the public prosecutor of Teramo ascolter, for the third time, Ludovica Perrone, quality of “ person informed of the facts “. The soldier who had an affair with the corporal major, investigators should explain the meaning of numerous phone calls intercepted by the police. The discussions, including through the social network Facebook, with the military, could bring new elements to investigators although, according to the latest news, Ludovica Perrone had an alibi for that terrible day. No direct participation at the ’ murder? We'll See. The discovery of Dna on the corpse of 5 Melania Rea, one of which is attributable to a female figure, could push the investigators to continue, serrata, investigations to discover any complicit. The young husband of Melania killed alone or assisted by a colleague, a friend or a ’ lover?

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