Sunday, September 25, 2011

Naples: the Blues stopped at home by Fiorentina

Napoli was stopped at home by Fiorentina, nellanticipo by two faces. A first half in which the purple team was definitely superior to Neapolitans and failed to score because a great De Sanctis has literally took a ball from the door, and a second time to make napoletana, Naples closed area Fiorentina, without however being able to build a ball goal.The Blues can deplore a clear handball by Pasqual cross area an excellent Zuniga and a deduction in the area of Hamsik, fouls not seen dallarbitro.

You know, football often thrives on episodes, and these could be episodes that could unlock the result. But cos not state.The Naples fielded by Mazzarri was virtually the same Naples who had beaten AC Milan to São Paulo, except for Zuniga instead may weary, and Fideleff in place of Aronica. The young Argentine defender who seems to have good numbers, pi times found in difficulty, so much so that at the beginning of shooting Mazzarri preferred to replace it with Aronica. The Neapolitan public has understood the difficult time of Fideleff and has nevertheless applauded coming from the field.

It was not a good day for the Blues. In the middle of the field, especially during the first half, Inler was wrong several support and the Naples couldn't ever to share as it usually happens. On the right, you try put pi times distressed Neapolitan defence that you saved in a couple of occasions for its great performance De Sanctis., as often happens, the Naples declined in camp was another team. The viola, who probably had spent time in the first half, they failed pi to Canadian men of God and they thought only to defend themselves. And you know, when you have to play against a team that puts almost all men behind the line of the ball, hard to break.Now the Naples affronter Wednesday night at St. Paul the Villeral of Pepito Rossi. Game definitely difficult but not impossible.

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