Friday, August 19, 2011

Italy Milan: Goodbye Montolivo

The transfer of AC Milan does not follow pi track Montolivo, to confirm this hypothesis Corvinus, Manager of Fiorentina that suggests the sale to foreign ’ for the player, which does not intend to renew his contract with the company but has not yet decided his next destination. Complex negotiation that would lead to Milan Riccardo Montolivo, the price was much lower than the rossoneri, talking about 6-7 million euros for the card, while Fiorentina would set about 12-15 million, knowing that the player was a considerable market around though.

AC Milan leaves for the summer transfer window, this option remains to evaluate now the Aquilani, candidate chosen by insiders and most likely also from Milan's leadership. On this Liverpool's economic claims are related to the available budget in the House, we talk about 6 million which will be completed next year, from other closing a deal 5 by 11 million. Important but not excessive amount for a player who deserves respect, as shown in ’ year lived at Juventus. The ’ last word is up to the course, which in these last days of the transfer to the utmost to make the full squad as mister Allegri.

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