Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Javier Pastore submitted officially by Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain officially announced on last purchase Javier Pastor, arrived at the Court of Leonardo for a respectable figure, ben 42 million.A figure out dallordinario, tant that sparked a series of discussions, you could also say France controversy.

Moreover, and this applies not only to Pastor, spending figures like that in the particular period of global economic crisis, somewhat questionable. Questionable, if you really want to say, a euphemism, because it is not thinkable that you spend all this money for a soccer team.Returning to Pastor, largentino away from the ill-fated American veteran in Copa America, declares himself very happy to ritovarsi at Paris Saint Germain.

Play in Ligue 1 he hasn't been back to me as says lex Palermo, as this now also toneo comparable to English and, anyway, in competition with other pi blazoned. As regards the expenditure from Paris Saint Germain, this is a deal that saw in front of my old President Zamparini and the French club, and on which I have not had any influence. Paris a city wonderful and I found a major company. My new companions, then, have all been kind to me and it seems that I have received more than good.

On the role that should then fill in the Parisian team, Shepherd is not unbalanced, since it hasn't talked about tactics and its placement in the field with his new coach Kombouar.

I can play with different rulesets says Shepherd, what I was doing well in Palermo. I can play where mister decider of impiegarmi without problems. Now I just need to get back to work to recover the gap of preparation towards my companions, who are certainly more ahead of me.

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