Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The conquest of Tripoli is nearby

Gaddafi's supporters still continue to support their leader and to believe in his promise, are testimony to the images that the Libyan television broadcast where hundreds of supporters, in piazza waved green flags of the regime. At the same time was sent a message to Gadhafi to stimulate awareness of the rebels to free the city from Nato. Due to some problems with the audio message aired not been entirely understandable but salient parts are read perfectly, Gaddafi did not give up and pregnant with his followers to prepare to fight to recover their city. The message transmitted while insurgents captured Zawiah confirm that, important place very near Tripoli.

After six months of hard fighting there sinizia to bring to the capital, the leader Gaddafi feeling tight in this grip, the other could not do that for incite his rebels continue to support the regime. Zawiah an important symbol and its conquest is really much, in fact, the last land for fuel and food for Tunisia. A conquest achieved after many battles, especially the repression of demonstrations by anti-Gaddafi regime ordered that made many victims.

The faithful to rais would now outside the city, although some snipers were still ready to kill stationed on rooftops, although many have been caught already. The conquest of the capital really close and this encourages the insurgents against the regime to resist because soon the leader Gaddafi not avr no control. Of course, with this conquest is achieved a fundamental goal but one that was supposed to be a battle to be transformed into a full-fledged war, now all expect Tripoli is locked as soon as possible.

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