Monday, August 15, 2011

Marriage to Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, after the failed marriage with Brad Pitt, ready to be a married woman, Justin Theroux's lucky which unir next fall. Him a few years her junior, pi would be madly in love on set of the film Wanderlust. A story that proceeds to damore allright whereas the couple eager to have a baby. Justin lAniston was presented to his parents as his girlfriend and then all took the crease dellufficialit.

Now I'm in Hawaii where are spending a luxurious vacation from work to recuperate. During this time the lAniston is attracting attention because it also shown naked for a charity, its truly enviable body despite his forty-two years brought really well. The Association is to bring aid to children in need and in need of education, of course you can also consider a great way to be centre stage.

About possible wedding there nothing official but according to statements of the two would seem a rather shared desire and you feel the urge to make it happen sooner. Are a couple really interesting, two beautiful stealing undoubtedly scenes with some ease, after breaking with Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston brilliantly continued his career and even his ex has started a family. Once the streets are also vip look forward and then, let us not forget that a place on the cover with a love that wants to marry, becoming news. Now the fans of both waiting that the news of the marriage becomes official to begin until the date of the wedding.

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