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Vasco Rossi: “ Ligabue? A glass in a sea of presumption ”

Vasco Rossi pi to first, and on this it seems there are many doubts then cos. There are many such have noticed different from what was changed in the early days, especially in style, in character, in his icon that the passing of time has drawn upon.

If first might have seemed a music star with attributes and then cold and impassive, outside any type of dispute with a colleague in the industry, now even the Blasco seems to be leaving attract from gossip.It bears witness to its statement on Ligabue, Italian rocker defined as a “ glass of talent in a sea of presumption ”.
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A revelation that Vasco Rossi granted during his interview with Red Ronnie (which will be announced in September) but one excerpt reachable on the singer's Facebook profile.Blasco swears, however not be stretched, no depressed, yet you let escape a decidedly very personal confession: “ In this period when the ’ argument of my condition rose powerfully to the fore this opportunity cos of your patience to inform you that take from very a cocktail of anti-depressants, psychoactive drugs, medicines, vitamins and more, studied by a team of doctorskeeps me in this ‘ balance ” ’ acceptable.

But beyond all the statement that pi to breathe a sigh of relief to his countless fans just what they want and still running out from ’ 's resignation from the world of music. If it with the ‘ Live ’ latest album or nothing ‘ the myth of Italian rock has disappointed many of his admirers, whom they accused of having changed so too incisive his musical, the Phantom, rocker, now seems to have all the time and energy to be ’ again and again, surprising those who want to see win.
Viral video by ebuzzing

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