Thursday, August 18, 2011

Italy Milan: Balotelli, fans await him?

The transfer of AC Milan having made any major purchase report always pulled in more popular names remained available, there was talk of Sanchez, Pastor and Fabregas, now after months of silence back to noise ex striker Mario Balotelli-Inter, now at Manchester City.

There are few connoisseurs around the world for super Mario in this moment, the ’ attachment to colour rossoneri declared pi times, leaves to always open the main door at Milan, first choice probably even better offers from clubs strong, economically speaking pi. The question many are asking if really Balotelli is expected as a Savior by the rossoneri fans, definitely galvanized by the prospect of bringing home a very talented player who doesn't have combined anything since he began his career. Several goals, some played and many troubles off the field, that made it awkward to a character in the ’ environment ’ Inter before then, and City. Then we leave the last lines to make the request directly to the people: ” greet fans Milan spend in this session of Italy about 35 million euros, bringing a central point in Milan alongside or better switch to Ibrahimovic, taking always into account the possible discontent generated by a bench of prolonged or ’ conciliatory attitude shortly with the rest of the dressing room? ”. To you the answer.

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