Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vasco Rossi attacks Giovanardi on the legalisation of soft drugs

Since Vasco Rossi released dallospedale for broken rib and has begun to discover how important communication via the web, you had. First skirmishes with Ligabue and then to follow attacks reporters Tortarolo and Fegiz.

Now for the singer launched into a challenging fight well pi: the legalization of soft drugs. This time, in the crosshairs of Vasco, we finished Carlo Giovanardi, Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with delegated anti-drug policies, heavy accusations are being levelled regarding the confusion that would create the Undersecretary Giovanardi between Word Liberalisation and Legalisation of soft drugs. According to Blasco, soft drugs are already liberalised as can be found everywhere, while the legalization would control and rules that currently are not bodies employees can perform.

Giovanardi, famous for being a conservative person on drugs, which are read or not, had recently accused the singer of encouraging drug use through the lyrics of his songs.

Certainly not left unarmed after Vasco these declarations and promptly updated its Facebbok page stating that policies too restrictive on would only increase the mafia and gangsters. He also stated that this is not a Vice but a vicious disease and be the first to tackle this serious problem, but that is not the right way that adopted by political Purposes-Giovanardi.

Who supports the Undersecretary at the ’ Economy who, instead of moving on, the Spurs to continue this campaign because, being appreciated by many young people, could make more effective this important message.

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