Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sneijder, arrived the offer essential

Sheikh Mansour ben decided to give to Mancini a respectable pink

Eventually end for Sneijder arrived on the desk of Moratti and then assumed that for lolandese that today will be the last race with dellInter.

From s that Sneijder make everything to win the trophy, although they should be able to count sullaiuto of all his companions, why add the Supercup on his gi rich palmares, would be the icing on the cake.Essential, ben end 36 million, the City of Mancini at which Sheikh Mansour isn't just to miss anything to allow it to face the new season with a pink temibilissima.

United will, therefore, found that displaced dalloiniziativa cousins, with this substantial offer and, especially, with the possibility of not skimp even 1 sullingaggio required dallolandese, have cut off opponents from the race allaccaparramento of Sneijder.
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It was now only laddio matter of days, the air, the news was rather state that end came from the City who had left linteressamento for lolandese dellInter leaked with the now more than likely sale of Sneijder, the club has since Moratti seems lok alloperazione gi, lInter has realized a capital gain of absolute respect, whereas Sneijder had paid only, so to speak, 15 million.

With the dellolandese and with the money in your wallet you can spend, lInter is located in the State, in case of need of an attacking midfielder, he can spend a figure of a certain consistency to satisfy any requested Gasperini.

And so, after Pastor and Sanchez, the Italian League, the Championship was more beautiful in the world, finds herself orphaned another talent, except improbable shots dellultimora. One of these might be Tevez although parts, watch case c always half the City, are still far dallaver reached an agreement satisfactory to both.
Viral video by ebuzzing

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