Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Italy Juventus: Juventus, Alex onslaught

The transfer of Juventus is about to close its doors, one of the names remain in Brazilian defender Alex ball, Chelsea, who proceeded to follow for some time but fail to take home at an affordable price. The problem for the Turin team, Mount engagements must be resolved situations Iaquinta, Amauri, Martinez, and all other redundancies whites, unwilling to an adaptation of their agreement and desiring to remain in the squad less than equal in other clubs.

The 3 million euro of the ’ of Alex are a huge obstacle to the transfer of Juventus, who eventually could opt for Lugano, although tempted to wait for the ’ outcome of events involving the very risky for Fenerbahce, the captain urugagio, might be blown from other top clubs more generous in terms of engagement. The situation stalled even on outer left d ’ attack, after the two of Spades received from half of Europe, Juventus try not to lose your temper and assesses the situation as a big team, avoiding falling in extortion against many teams struggled to bring off-market prices for their jewelry.

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