Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From September Beautiful will be in high definition

And also for Beautiful high definition and triggers panic among the actors, who until today, thanks to numerous tweaks could conceal wrinkles and imperfections but with the new technology the faces we see perfectly renovated. The Italian public over the years has generated a kind of affection towards this soap that really much followed and there is close to those faces always equal despite the years that pass. The passage you will check for early September in America and Italy will come a few months later, so be prepared to see the beautiful Beautiful in their original version. In this soap, among other things, the time seems really not considering the numerous weddings and where the difference seems not worth mentioning at all det.The charming Ridge, will have to accept to show to the public com cos and his beloved Brooke adapt to the new system. In fact, in Beautiful, even those who have a certain et as Stefany seem to have that touch of eternal youth. The scalpel in some cases really does wonders, inasmuch as it enables hide high definition. Time passes for everyone, including the actors of Beautiful and also will have to get used to be in their original appearance are also forgetting that the talent in acting and not only physical appearance.It will be difficult for them to accept change, whereas they are accustomed to look now for many years, always perfect in video, and there will be time to recognize each other, while all of us will have the consolation that they bring back the common wrinkles like all mortals. A short TV series that changes appearance while remaining with the same actors and certainly not lose his countless fans who will certainly curious to see the changes.

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