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Abel Ferrara: "Madonna bad actress"

Abel Ferrara was born in the Bronx and has not an easy life inasmuch as it becomes friends with Nicholas St. John and l begins a long journey that introduced him in the field of cinema, realizing immediately important short films. In his career today, we can only count hits that made it one of the most well-known names in the film and questanno in Locarno has got to pick up an important award given by the Film Festival.
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The Director is laid bare by telling what the cinema today, and becoming as he may hate stressing larrivismo that now rampant in this area where the fame and money are always put first. In this long chat about many aspects of professional Madonna, also citing the qualeseppur had the pleasure of working, a terrible actress. A phrase that certainly emphasises that Madonna doesn't have any hope as unquestioned as a singer, actress, Abel Ferrara undoubtedly competent in this area shortly. It is the words of a prominent filmmaker who made and talents and less talent has seen so much, so really the Madonna has had a rather negative opinion.

If you have a reason and will continue to excite his audience with his show. His reaction is not known but probably not lavr taken well although obviously avr awareness that his main work, now as always, make the singer and lattrice. Be actors mean study and love the work, as happens for every sector and of course you can improvise, even if you have some good qualities should however work always and often harshly. Madonna perfect as a singer but perhaps, as Abel Ferrara, his drama a little less.
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