Thursday, August 04, 2011

Alexandre Pato laboured to Chelsea

Debuchy sensational news! Alexandre Pato may leave Milan. For the duck ready a ’ offer of Chelsea who would spend at least 35 million to bring the Brazilian in the English club. The Milan market is likely to bring the fans made it unpleasant surprises. Pato and Ibrahimovic are a pair of attacks worldwide, one of the most powerful and most mix. Chelsea, however, has very clear ideas: to strengthen and point to the Champions League needs a purchase really notable.

The laboured so could come at any moment all other ’. If Pato departed definitely Adriano Galliani might place the summer market. Would the Mister X able to replace the Brazilian? And who might be? There are, in fact, the market, attacking forts and complete as the Brazilian. Has huge technical skills, marks occasionally head (despite his elevated stature not own).
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AC Milan busy preparing the suda of Supercoppa Italiana in Beijing against cousins of Inter ’. In yesterday's press conference, Pato pointed out as hopes to remain in a 2â€"2 draw at least until 2014. A love gesture, then d ’; a call to the same club who would be willing to sell it to Chelsea in exchange for a ’ offer more than 35 million euros (at least 40!).

The rumours Milan, almost on its last legs. Miss Pato means, Adriano Galliani, put into motion, in a short time, an important negotiation to substitute. Times are tight and the names on the market are reduced, more and more. There are more great champions in contention, most were married in big clubs. And then, to tell the truth, we are confident that the same Marina Berlusconi, linked to the Brazilian by strong feelings of love, do not let the Duck.

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