Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sebastian Frey presented to fans of Genoa

And the day of the new Sebastian Frey, goalkeeper for Genoa, which you presented today, in the field of Pegli, before fans flocked to assist allallenamento of his team.I am delighted to be in Genoa, a major team that certainly some excellent things to. Recently I was contacted and the Precious made me President, I did not hesitate and I said immediately. These were the words of the new goalkeeper of Genoa during the presentation to the press and fans.

Sebastian Frey signed a contract with Genoa in 5 years, well aware of the other, and same him to admit it, that this could be his last home, talking about football.Moreover, the bravo Frey has always proven to be a good goalie and he did well in all the teams in which made the guard at the door. Raised in France, arrived in Italy, allInter, in 1998, picked directly from Zenga who evidently it means goalies.
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DallInter, Club in which motog in series A proper on Marassi against Sampdoria, almost preordained, at Verona, Parma at Fiorentina, Sebastian Frey is always appreciated for his talents, gifts that absolutely decided to put on display with the Genoa after the presentation, Frey declined to take part in allallenamento with his new companions.

The large number of fans who had allallenamento and presentation of the player, he is the new have long applauded the team goalkeeper throughout, except for Kharja, which were reserved for the decidedly less affectionate attention, since they deem liable to impede, in a certain sense, the Genova. the goalkeeper French arrived in the city of the lantern to parameter zero, having released from Fiorentina, his last team.

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