Thursday, August 04, 2011

Murder Melania Rea news, the secret of barracks

Melania Rea, latest news. The husband of the victim, Salvatore Parolisi, must remain in jail. This statements by John Cirillo, current judge of the investigations concerning the murder of Melanie Rea ’. There, despite the Court changed some time ago from the hypothesis advanced proxy of Ascoli.

Among the accusations of Salvatore Parolisi, in fact, the magistrate has also added the cruelty, because the victim Melania Rea was in a State of weakness and could not respond to violence in South ’ suspect. L ’ accusation, in addition to those already existing, could cost the ’ sentence to corporal Salvatore Parolisi.
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Redefined the motive of the murder of Melanie Rea ’. According to Cyril why real not the passionate, because the situation at Parolisi could not work. In practice, did everything with wanted family and distractions. For this the judge thinks that the real motive was still well camouflaged and hidden. In particular, Cyril believes Melania Rea is aware of something very important and mostly to hide with great secrecy, something inherent in the barracks or some secret military sexually compromising.

To amplify the ’ hypothesis, we think a friend of Melania Rea, which argues that in the days before the ’ murder woman was very stressed and nervous. He smoked a lot and couldn't keep quiet. To trust all ’ friend a terrible secret. Other known suspect named by Parolisi all ’ friend Melanie immediately after his death. Almost as if to discover something.

Set for tomorrow l ’ interrogations of guarantee for the husband of Melania Rea. The corporal could decide whether to defend or make use of the possibility of not yet respond. The case thickens to view d ’ eye.

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