Wednesday, August 03, 2011

According to British press, Chelsea can the arrival of Pato

According to the British press, and to write the Daily Mirror, Pato could cross the English channel and brought to court by Andre Villas-Boes, ben decided to rejuvenate the team for the start of the Premier League limminente. Missing now just less than two weeks for linizio of the new season in the UK and Chelsea, according to lindiscrezione, would be ready to put on the table 35 million to give a definite impression to its marketeven when stationary.

C only to consider that the young Brazilian talent, reduce anchegli by fool remedied in Copa America, has a contract with Milan until 2014, but you know, these days, a tempting proposal could always be taken into consideration both by the milanese club Pato.Moreover the same Pato in recent days has not ruled out the possibility of being able to say goodbye to Serie A, just to get him into club fed of talented young players, see the various Shepherd and Sanchez, who prefer to bewitch from rich foreign sirens, rather than continue their adventure in Italy.
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And to think that once was right exact opposite. Were foreign talents, both South Americans that Europeans want to become the protagonists of what was once called the most beautiful in the World Championship.But you know, things change, and so Italy could find himself an orphan ball also of young Brazilian, personified by the pi times declared, Galliani in Milan's leadership.

Pato, then, would be the first target of the Portuguese manager, and now toccher Milan make their move.And equally true, however, that these days the sensational transfers entries are present and most of them turn out to be only genuine diversionary manoeuvres. A little patience and you will know how things will turn out.

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