Friday, August 12, 2011

Luis Enrique re-enforcements: Nilmar and Osvaldo in the viewfinder of Rome

Luis Enrique re-enforcements these could Nilmar or Osvaldo, one of the two, also the technical giallorosso says jokingly, but not too much take them both, cos we're okay. You can blame him?However, the possibility dellarrivo of Nilmar don't seem to be many, not just a problem of evaluation of the card, but also in view of the fact that if Rossi would leave the Villareal, destination Naples, hardly the Spanish clubs are also deprived of Nilmar.

Then, Osvaldo seems to be at a distinct advantage. In addition, the ds Sabatini was seen in Geneva, where he attended the race between Israel and Costa dAvorio, seems to closely observe Drogba, another player who could care, Alternatively, to Rome. But this might just be fantamercato. But you know, when they flower million, quite possible.However, even in this case, the negotiations for purchasing dellattaccante serving at Rome, seems to be blocked by dellInter that seems to be interested in Borriello, although the same Luis Enrique has always said to rely on Mark at 100%.

And a continual situation involving pi club, all waiting, more or less, moves Back to Osvaldo dellInter., it seems that the Italian-Argentine footballer wants to leave lEspanyol and is the same Osvaldo President Ramon Condal, Spanish experience are dellidea that the player has now come to an end and that is a destination like Rome.

Osvaldo Lagente, Dario Decoud, stated among other things that the Roma, at the time, has not submitted any bid but that, if the rumors were confirmed, the proposal could come soon.Roma Meanwhile, on the other hand, to clarify on some rumors that had circulated around Ivan De La Pena, announced that the footballer for strictly personal reasons, and for a limited period, not altogether participate in activities of the first team.

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