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Melania Rea, latest news: Parolisi duped by investigators?

Are lawyers Biscuits and Gentile has accused investigators of having ‘ hoodwinked ’ the corporal major Salvatore Parolisi during investigations on the murder of his wife Melania ’ Rea. According to the investigators involved in the case, would have made guesses with friends and relatives of the victims to speak with the Saviour to restore then their news. And the Corporal said through his lawyers that he had heard ‘ teased ’ from this type of investigation.

After he teased his wife Melania, the in-laws and the whole family, Salvatore has the courage to resent normal investigative inquiries.
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Circle tightens on Salvatore Parolisi thanks to the discovery of a bloody fingerprint in the victim's House. If traces of blood found on the ’ (which seems to be a male shoe), should belong to Melania Rea, for Salvatore Parolisi there would be no more way out. It seems also that the family washing machine has been in operation for several hours on the night of the disappearance of Melania Rea. To declare a neighbour of the victim, who also confessed to having seen poach the washing machine by relatives of Salvatore.

The washing machine was just one of the important elements in the investigation, investigators found traces of blood were left after the washing of clothes bloodied.

Investigators focused their scientific studies even on a SOAP holder and a plastic bag where blood traces have been found thanks to the technology of Luminor.

In the meantime been also open an investigation by the Military Prosecutor in Rome to verify the likely abuse carried out by the staff of the Barracks lenient Ascoli Piceno where the husband of Melania Rea worked as an instructor of levers. The ’ survey was open to the protection of the armed forces and their reputation, very dirty from this plight.
Viral video by ebuzzing

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