Friday, August 05, 2011

Wesley Sneijder ready to challenge on Saturday with AC Milan

Wesley Sneijder doesn't see lora, confident of being able to call into com safe another trophy, the first of the season, but perhaps the last conquered by lInter. This, of course, always allowing Milan, since the team's Cheerful no go certainly in the field to do just by appearance.

Lolandese among the most acclaimed star in China and calmly to reporters, svicolando ably by the inevitable questions about his future. I am a professional and so everything possible, but now my only thought the challenge on Saturday, challenge that along with my teammates, I want to win, also to take revenge on Milan, questanno, beaten in both matches. They are a team definitely strong, but even if we were beaten, now we know how to face them and then we are all confident about the result. With Gasperini we are all well. The Mister has changed the patterns of play, but we well assimilated and we are the same at ease. The best coach I've ever had? I don't know, I've changed several, but I must say that with Mourinho I was more than good. And I liked the mister of pi, both from a professional perspective and as a man.
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Sneijder, so one all-out, who speaks as if his tenure in nerazzurro was granted, although it probably might not be.Moreover, Moratti said that those who want Wesley must put pennies on the table, or rather, quite simply, no less than 45 million, a figure that seems to have become a kind of refrain, being practically common to all the various important negotiations.

Uncertainties about the future of Wesley Sneijder affect not just the market dellInter that even considering the possibility of a goodbye also by Hercules would be point blank have to re-establish a part certainly qualitatively important.

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