Saturday, August 13, 2011

Italy Rome, Nilmar in 2002-03

Italy Rome, Nilmar in 2002 that are clearly determined to tear him to Villareal, although this is not a simple task. The same Nilmar, in response to the praise of Luis Emrique, stated that it would be more than honored to play in Rome alongside players like Totti and De Rossi. Moreover, the Villareal doesn't seem very intent to deprive yourself of Nilmar and, anyway, even if you do not intavoler thought in no negotiations that starts from a figure of less than 20 million.

Sabatini knows well, and in Spain for trying to bring the player to Rome and to please not pi Luis Enrique, who yesterday had said: Osvaldo or Nilmar? Because only one better, both.Meanwhile the DS Sabatini at work to try to bridge the momentary absence of De La Pena and seems to have found in Angelo Peruzzi luomo.

Luis Enrique then speaks of her and in particular of Totti, almost in response to veiled accusations of laziness bounced a few days ago. Totti is training well, I don't care what my kids are with me and not to what they have done or made with those who preceded him. But I am glad also to all others. I just hope to have the full squad, including new that we are looking for, the ASAP so you can prepare the best season is about to begin. Don't forget that soon we will face the preliminaries of Europa League and, therefore, I hope to have all the money in time.

About opposing then, occasionally, unbalanced pi even after watching the match Super Cup won by AC Milan. And early to make judgments about others and about us. The third Championship meet lInter, and then will do evaluations.

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