Friday, August 05, 2011

Nasty accident for Mr. Bean

Nasty accident for Mr. Bean. This time we are not in one of his many films, but the ’ actor Rowan Atkinson has really risked their lives. The ’ English actor was driving his sports car, a McLaren F1, the streets of Haddon, a village located in the East of England ’ ’. Atkinson failed to curb the powerful horses of his sports car and crashed into a tree. The car then ’ took fire, but fortunately do not seem to be serious consequences for the Nice actor. A nasty accident for Mr. Bean who apparently got away only if the ’ with a shoulder problem. Atkinson is not the first time finds himself confronted with a traffic accident. Her strong passion for sports cars, especially those d ’ era, have always resulted in a guide too reckless.
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L ’ l ’ love for high speed and for this type of car for many times put to death. Mr. Bean does not seem to be the sporty type, let alone a character who loves the thrill of cos so much risk, but Rowan Atkinson has always shown this kind of passion, and he participated in the Mille Miglia storica. This nasty accident for Mr. Bean we're sure not to learn the lesson, when you have veins a strong passion for a sport or for any other hobby, inevitable that you will be able to stop the practice.

Sure it's very strange to see Mr. Bean as a reckless pilot, we're used to seeing it more as a man absolutely stupid and bumbling, but you know that it is obviously fiction. Rowan Atkinson has always proven to be, for his fortune, totally different from Mr. Bean, some that may prevent high speed driving his gioellini.

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