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No event Lavezzi, De Laurentis reassures fans

No event Lavezzi, the same De Laurentis, Napoli's official website, to reassure fans Neapolitans. Lavezzi lho found in large dusting. Lho hailed in the locker room of St. Paul at dellamichevole with Penarol and saw that was in winning form. They are broadly agree that train in Costa Smeralda, but probably the guy needs a period of time that must represent the gap between the commitments of Copa America and the new season of Naples.

At first, with the usual vehemence that distinguishes, Aurelio de Laurentis had practically arsed collaborators who had informed of the decision taken by God, and the same coach of Napoli had then found displaced in press conference, since it had no knowledge of the reaction of the President.
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But, as usual, thanks to the good sense and probably even after an exchange of views between the same Mazzarri and De Laurentis, these did good face bad game and gave his blessing to the transfer of Pocho in Sardinia, even if reluctantly, accompanied by his girlfriend and a technical partner of Maccabi.

The case is removed even before birth, one might say, and indeed the same De Laurentis had no interest in contributing to the birth of a little idyllic atmosphere in the dressing room. Changing that, with perhaps the exception of the last days of the championship last year, marked by the uncertainties of Mazzarri, surely amplified by a resonator media exaggerated, was then one of the secrets of Naples to achieve extraordinary results last year.

Lavezzi, continue De Laurentis, just needs a mental break that separates from the competition that saw him engaged in July in South America, then that glia competition reserved for love surprises, as we all know.
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