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Too many-headed home Lazio, Ronaldo could be too

Too many-headed home Lazio, Zarate might also leave and still seems to be too much for Reja, even if the takeover is not the technician says just openly, but it suggests.Moreover, after the turmoil of the past season, the good Reja seems did gi his choices.

In fact not sbilancia excessively on the future Argentine dellattaccante, but it seems now that the relationship between him and Maldini is not more than once. Moreover, the statements of Rejia leave a few doubts. 32-33 players are too says the coach, and someone could start, indeed, why should start working with all these players very difficult. The work is complicated and could be affected both the performance of the team that the dressing room. Send boys in the stands Sunday, and one thing that, in the long run, it creates problems.
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In fact, Lazio has a large number of attackers, seven tips and between these Zarate, and some of these can also be adapted to more roles. The Ciss into degrees of play both left and right, while the other 4 Lazio has tips, quaindi need to thin out the pink.Reja spoke then of Kozak. the guy one of the players that we decided to keep. Sure, we arrived late as he finished the season EPS later of others and, therefore, obviously lagging preparations. For now, even for this reason, virt no space, but a player on whom we can safely rely.

Now scheduled operations from Lazio, have been completed and does not remain merely reduce lorganico. In fact, at the time, the market entry to be closed, at least until it will be done a bit of space. Then, if one presenter a good opportunity if it could talk, provided that the pink will be significantly reduced.
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