Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Juliana Moreira-Edward Tow: the Stork has arrived

Juliana Moreira became MOM small Lua Sophie, his dream came true and now, alongside his partner Edward I can say really Stoppa, a family. Damore history between the two started in 2008 and Juliana had always claimed to want to become a mother. The child born into a French clinic and when the father heard the news, was upset by joy. The face of Juliana Moreira became somewhat known for conducting together with Teo Mammuccari but also for the different editions of Paperissima Sprint, Nice, funny and above all very beautiful has been able to immediately conquer the Italians.

Edward Stoppa belongs to the same team because from time works for Antonio Ricci in program Striscia la Notizia, dealing with animal rights. A rather quiet love that seems not to have experienced great turbulence by scoop even one could define rather reserved. Soon there will be the wedding even if you do not know yet the date but are scheduled to perform cos a dream along with Lua Sophie. The Brazilian managed to win the heart of Edward and its really a good story that no doubt will continue damore in time.

Now that the Lua Sophie all three are a perfect family, Juliana can squeeze his arms the child and can finally say that I have made a great dream, whereas already in 2009 are ready to be MOM. Anticipating the arrival of a child is always a joy but now chiss if Moreira avr decided to devote himself to the family leaving for some scenes on television? Little is known of his future plans but no doubt we will come back soon to see his partner agguerito in defense of animals.

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