Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jennifer Aniston ready to remarry

The gorgeous American actress Jennifer Aniston seem ready to tell the fateful Yes. According to reports released by the American magazine, US Magazine l ’ actress would be very interested in a future husband. All eyes are on Justin Theroux. Class of 1971, Junin, Aniston, not even an actor would be missing the ’ opportunity to get married with the actress ’, despite his stormy past. Behind Jennifer Aniston, in 2005, we find the divorce with the famous Brad Pitt.

Turning to the new couple, the two seem to be madly in love. The first meeting last fall during the shooting of Wanderlust, where they interpret as a couple happily lovers who decide to leave the pressures of city life and enjoy an outdoor all ’. The highly anticipated film, in Italy, will go into programming in early October.

The ’ love between the two seems to be conventional d ’ instinct. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux doesn't want to put the brakes on their history and declare their readiness for marriage and for the possible first. A curiosity, taken over by a friend of Aniston, concerns the ’ abandonment of contraceptives. The couple wants to leave everything to fate. Another important note, the official engagement of the two. Justin Theroux was very proud to present the bride with his family. Recall that the same Justin comes from a story about 14 years with the now former partner ’.

Currently, the couple spend their holidays peacefully to Hawaii, in a villa from ben 7,000 dollars per day. It's a honeymoon? What do you think? You are happy with this new spark? Jennifer Aniston always was a respected actress and well seen from the public, we hope you've found true love.

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