Saturday, August 20, 2011

Continues the quarrel between Moratti and Valley

The quarrel between Moratti and Valley on the affair Rumors, it seems to have no end, although the President dellInter, in his response to last call of the Valley, has made it clear that for him the matter ends here and not follow up with additional statements by the patron of Fiorentina.

This last solution, '' Moratti had invited to sit at a table to try to reconstruct a situation that was definitely degenerated in later allatteggiamento of Moratti who has stated he has no intention of giving up the prescription, in relation to illicit ascrittigli.Convenient situation, according to Diego Della Valle, especially given that his company, Fiorentina, was one of those to pay dearly for offences that had been disputed with the relegation to what was then the serie C2.

For me it is difficult to understand the demands of a meeting which, being outside dellufficialit and then independent from the competent institutional bodies would taste and simple chitchat, and therefore do not interest me. Says the patron dellInter, and continues the rest decisions were already taken allepoca and, since the undersigned has an absolute respect for the institutions and for its decisions, my position, as well as that of the company I represent, lInter, you can alter the way of any of this.

Would like to point out to Mr. Moratti, that his attitude of the institutions was of a completely different nature on the occasion of the charges that were levelled at his work, allInter, alloperato dellallora President Facchetti and himself, as a shareholder of reference.

Then you tratt reaction to say angry but, then, considering the facts put forward prescription for ascrittigli, latteggiamento change radically. The Valley will have to wait in vain.

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