Sunday, August 14, 2011

Italy Milan: Aquilani or Montolivo, why choose?

The transfer of AC Milan focuses on ’ purchase a left midfielder capable of interpreting pi roles during the season to plug any gaps left by injuries and form changes. L ’ latest fantasy fans would see Aquilani rossoneri and Montolivo both montos, throwing the challenge at Chelsea that fails to use them in the field in the same formation. Fans and experts and then begin to advance two streets that bear the chance to see both montos, the first the most classic, the two players will be important throughout the season arc ’ then there would be room for both.

The second concerns a new form of midfield that Cheerful might experience under the guidance of the market, i.e. have 2 tossers in the middle of the field to filter between defence and attack, Trident d ’ with Boateng able to fit in and go to pressing during defensive tasks that already plays in the current module ’. A sort of model Barcelona, that might work very well if Aquilani could sacrifice themselves in defensive, Montolivo has already made in Florence. The transfer to Milan, in this hypothesis, would bring fantasia and duttilit tactics, then you would create a scheme that sees a rotating roles depending on the situation of gaming and ’ opponent, as seen in national able actually to put into Spain, all the difficulty we will need a considerable physical sacrifice that for the moment the only Boateng willing to do.

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