Monday, August 15, 2011

Kaurismaki moves at the Locarno Film Festival

Poverty and despair are the two themes addressed by Aki Kaurismaki, told through a story full of poetry and hope sil dellumaninit fate. The dominant limmigrazione theme that is an active phenomenon for centuries and which is sometimes the fate of entire peoples. In Le Havre at the Festival del cinema di Locarno brotherhood defeats the banalit and lignoranza.

Andr Wilms protagonist who plays the role of shoeshine. A drama that communicate different aspects of our society and confronts them in a clear cos from a public IP. The shoe shine in the port of Le Havre tries to save an infant immigrant, a story told in a compelling and interesting, to produce it were spent 3.8 million. For Kaurismaki's second film in French after realizing life from boheme of 1992. The cinema a communicative channel rather appreciated by young people who like this approach to really important that deserve some reflection. The current theme and dellimmigrazione doubtless this also lets you know what lives when limmigrato comes in a different country and what are the difficulties he faces.

All there to tolerance undoubtedly stimulates and creates the possibility of having a rather interesting intercultural exchange, get rich in events with the experiences of others can know really different and above all to learn to respect them. Limmigrazione a phenomenon that must be managed in a manner appropriate to give immigrants the possibility to have access to a decent life when they materialize in another country. a film that continues to highlight the talent of being able to communicate with Kaurismaki in his public and always in the right way so important issues.

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