Sunday, August 21, 2011

Melania Rea: latest news

According to a news story reported by The City of Teramo, intimate Melania Rea unamica, the same who had reported her husband's betrayal, he phoned the Savior woman two days before his death, telling him that he was coming to discover things very ugly.

For this reason, lamica Melania, will be played back by the pm, David Rose and Greta Aloisi, to try to figure out which secret hides Salvatore Parolisi, accused of murder and now in the prison of Teramo, in order to rebuild, according to the Gip John Cirillo, the true motive dellassassinio. In fact, at first, this seemed to be to delete the wife to carry on undisturbed the relationship with other women. Later investigations in this regard moved by revealing the possibility that he might have discovered of Melania secrets on barracks.

Not surprisingly, the Corporal, dated 19 April (the day after that Melania was killed) would this friend phoned to tell her if he had spoken recently with his wife. Call somewhat especially considering that in 13 years of friendship with Melanie, that was first made by Salvatore.

Meanwhile le soldatesse barracks of Ascoli Piceno are very angry and tired of the repeated allegations made at their expense. I want to be respected and no longer reported as women being part of a vicious circle of drugs, prostitution and whatever.

Those who did wrong, says one of the female soldiers, and definitely should Savior Parolisi pay for these errors, without thereby bring the innocent people who are not touched anything with everything until now was declared.

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